Marketing Strategy

Do you wish marketing could be straightforward? To know what opportunities you have and which route to take? What you’re spending and what you’re getting back? No wasting money. No last minute rushing. No “I wish I had that” when you see your competitors marketing. Do you know if you should be investing in branding or spending on advertising?

Our strategy advice will give you clarity, confidence and pride in your marketing efforts. Our lead strategist has over 15 years experience in working with £billion global brands and small energetic start-ups. It all starts with a conversation.

website development

You may be interested to know that we develop beautiful device responsive websites that are structured to lead visitors where you want them to go, that every site is optimised to attract the right traffic, that we offer simple brochure sites or giant ecommerce builds with bespoke integrations, that we can write all of your website content, or that every site is offered with hassle free hosting and support.

All of those things are great, but at the end of the day the real benefit we offer with website builds is that we will “get it” - we will understand what you want, advise you on what you really need, and deliver everything in an organised and timely fashion. So if you need a new website and are searching for a group of trustworthy people that can confidently take your business online, look no further.

IMAGINE If you had a website that:

  • was built around the vision in your head, but better

  • genuinely supported your business

  • made you proud when people saw it

  • got more traffic

  • was simple to manage and update

  • looked beautiful

Brand Development

People engage with products and services that fit in with who they are. That’s why some people will love your business, and some just won’t be interested. A good brand clearly identifies who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Getting those three things right can propel your brand straight into the minds of the people who will love you.

Having a clear sense of identity is also vitally important to the people inside an organisation, it provides purpose and a clear mission for everyone to get behind. It’s part of what makes good businesses great.

Not only can we craft engaging brand materials and experiences, but we can also develop your competitive positioning. That will define how you differ from your competitors and what makes your business valuable to it's customers. It’s about putting your stake in the ground and being known for a certain ‘something’.

search Engine Optimisation

A higher rank in the search engine results pages can net you huge gains in website traffic. In some respects, search engine optimisation (SEO) can be a digital minefield. There are usually quick wins available, but generally SEO is a technically transient field of expertise that takes hard work and patience to produce results. That’s the truth of SEO. This means a significant level of trust is required between you and whomever you choose to engage for SEO services.

The CAPEX team includes some of the brightest SEO minds in the industry, and our SEO process is rapid and deeply technical, but also transparent and understandable for everyone involved. Generally, it starts with an audit of your website and online presence, followed by recommendations and a solid plan for website traffic growth.

Pay Per Click & SEarch engine Marketing

We can use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to drive swathes of highly targeted traffic from sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing straight to your website. Because the people have searched for what you're offering before being sent your way, the traffic is some of the most valuable you'll see.

Your budget may be teeny-tiny or it may be significant. Either way, we can construct a campaign that relies not just on best-practice structure, but knowledge, experience and research.

We’ll create highly targeted advert content and a search term strategy that will appeal to the right people as they search online, whilst optimising your budget so you pay the smallest amount of money per click that you can get away with.


Words glorious words. You probably don’t have the hours available to optimise all of the content on your website or fill a business blog with interesting keyword rich content. We do.

Finding great copywriters can be tough, especially if you are in a niche industry. Our writers are not full-time staff at the agency. Instead, we have hand-picked a large group of writers through a process that selected only the top 10% for their specific knowledge base and background. Because of this we offer unrivalled flexibility, speed and delivery of content into common and niche industries.

We’ll take the time to get to know you and your business before we match you with the most suitable writer from our team. Over time, your writer will get to know your house style and your individual preferences so that each order is spot-on. To ensure standards remain high, quality checking is handled by seasoned proof readers and a peer review process.

trusted by brands Big and small