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"We struggled for months to determine what and how to rebrand ourselves, Joseph outlined a complete process in only 3 hours of talking to us. I would thoroughly recommend anyone discussing their marketing needs with CAPEX, no matter if this is a 'must do now' process or something on a slow burner."
Neil Southwell, Managing Director, JE2 Cyber Security
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In the modern business space, the safe storage, transfer, and accessible use of data is the life blood of any enterprise. JE2 Cyber Security offer everything from a simple data hygiene consultation or Cyber Essentials certificate through to full ISO accreditation.

Company founder Neil is a heavyweight expert in the industry, having spent 30 years working at the highest levels of cyber security within government and private organisations in the UK and abroad.

The initial challenge for us to help Neil refine his service offering into defined processes and packages where the value of what JE2 had to offer could be easily understood by people who knew little about the importance of cyber security.

As part of our initial strategy work we looked at the different target audiences and their potential for revenue. The results of which led to a quick change of sales direction and customer targeting that immediately increased new business opportunities and value.  

Once the market, communications and audience strategies were defined, we had what we needed to set about creating the new JE2 brand. This was implemented across the development of a new website and sales support marketing materials.

Approximately six months after project completion, JE2’s new presence attracted the attention of a very large organisation who were looking to acquire cyber security services on a long term basis. This led to a business-changing agreement that meant JE2 couldn't service any more new business for the foreseeable future.

This is a fantastic outcome and we are extremely pleased to have been part of it.

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One of the initial challenges facing JE2 was to clarify what a customer’s lifetime journey (and value) looked like. So we mapped the customer journey(s) from first touch through to long-term business partnership. This helped to define the best customer experience, specifically focusing on the method by which new business was won, on-boarded and kept.

Customer journey mapping
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