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“The website looks great, it's spacious and bright which is just what we wanted. The advice and support we’ve received throughout has been excellent and invaluable.”
Compliance Marque
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Some organisations spend tens of thousands each year seeking and maintaining ISO accreditation. If you don’t need ISO accreditation but want to invest in a benchmark that will prove to the outside world that you operate with the same standards of excellence and legal compliance, then Compliance Marque is the answer.

The criteria for achieving a Compliance Marque award is rooted in the same standards as ISO accreditation and represents the same commitments to strategic vision and outstanding working practices, but the cost is significantly lower to achieve and maintain.

A Unique Requirement

This was a really interesting project to work on - The Compliance Marque team is relatively small when compared to the volume of potential accreditation applications that could be made. This meant they not only needed a great looking website with professionally written content and a considered user journey, but they also needed a new accreditations system bolted-on that would automate the new application and accreditation processes as much as possible. This was key to future growth.

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Logo Development

The award is given to a location if it meets the business compliance criteria. For example: any facilities need to comply with applicable health and safety laws.

For this reason the Compliance Marque team wanted a parent logo that incorporated a building shape together with an indication towards the bronze, silver and gold award levels that are available. A suite of three child logos were then created to represent the award levels.

With this in mind we set about creating a simplistic shape that could represent a building with clear segmented space available to show the three colours. The final logo shape was chosen due to its ability to host the details of the different awards without becoming complicated.

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