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We started working with icet solutions when they were right at the start of their new business venture. Fast-forward one year and icet solutions have seen dramatic and consistent success on all fronts.

In 2017 two inventive business owners mixed their combined 50+ years of experience with new technology to offer a B2B service unlike any in their industry. The challenge: Creating a brand, website and marketing materials to help turn this great idea into a successful business.

icet solutions offer an all-in-one service to help organisations of all sizes and shapes to fulfil their legal obligations for Health & Safety, Environmental, Quality and Security compliance. Where required, this includes attaining and maintaining ISO accredited standards. What makes the service unique is that icet have combined their expert consultancy with a bespoke cloud-based software that makes internal management of these standards hassle free and extremely cost efficient. This is a new and innovative whole-solution model for managing regulatory compliance.

To build the digital and offline presence of icet solutions, our support to-date has included marketing strategy, brand development, website development, app development, video production, photography, blogging, social media campaigns and support with GDPR compliance.

Developing the new website

The brief was to keep things visually simple. The original icet solutions website was not mobile friendly and lacked descriptive information about the services and value they have to offer. We designed the new site to be fast and mobile friendly. The services offered by icet solutions are diverse, so we created written, video and app based content that broke everything down into simple propositions and key messages.


Services page:

Developing gap analysis and calculating tools to generate enquiries

Gap analysis forms a big part of the icet solution sales process, so we designed a simple online tool that would offer this process online to generate more enquires via the website and also to provide a platform for use in meetings. We also created a second web app that calculates the current of compliance for businesses who do not benefit from icet’s services, again with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.

Check your legal compliance web app:

Cost of Compliance Calculator

Video production

Despite the possibility of large fines and prison sentences, regulatory compliance is often ignored as a complex and uninteresting subject. The combination of visuals and sound mixed with quick and rich content make video the perfect medium to overcome this. So we produced a short explainer and testimonial video.

Blog & Social Media support

As part of icet solutions SEO and content strategy, we provide content, editorial, keyword and social media support for their blog.

“The support received from CAPEX Marketing has been invaluable. The quality of the work is outstanding. For us, CAPEX are a long term partner.”

– Dave Middlemiss, Managing Director, icet solutions Ltd

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