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Cap-Ex, otherwise known as 'Capital Expenditure', is a term that describes investing in a business asset. Put simply, our name means savvy short-term action that has a clear long-term value to your organisation.

The CAPEX (Cap-Ex) name speaks of our approach and commitment to orientate every project around not just the brief we are given, but also that we’ll take the time to ensure it supports your wider vision for the future.

Too many leaders are made to believe that marketing is a necessary but throw-away line in the budget, but it doesn't have to be this way. We can help make every penny work hard for you.

Pictured: Presenting to 200+ big brand marketers at an event in London, UK.

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How we deliver exceptional outcomes

We develop and deliver projects by combining our consulting, creative and technical skills. This carries across all phases of a project to provide sustainable outcomes that perform over the long term for our clients.

Step 1

Meet & Learn

We meet you and learn about your business, and how we can help. Where necessary we will research your market, audience and competitors and assess your strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge is then proactively applied throughout our relationship. The key point is that we will listen and we will ‘get it’.

Step 2

Design & Development

Whether you need a new website, a multi-channel marketing strategy, or to develop your brand to appeal to new fans, our team will work with you to bring your vision to life in a well-planned manner. From initial thoughts through to creative design and final implementation, we've got you covered.

Step 3

Keeping Things Moving

There is a certain momentum that follows a successful project. As your creative partner, we’ll help you to capitalise on this with clear next steps and supportive action.

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How it started

In 2015, I was Head of Marketing for a brand that stretches across the globe. Early in the year a kind and dedicated business owner approached me to help raise the profile of his small retail network. Within three months, together we had reshaped his online presence, seen him get on prime-time ITV News twice and had caused a retail sales uplift of 40% against the same quarter in the previous year. The genuine satisfaction I felt when he thanked me afterwards left me certain that my purpose lay within an agency environment, applying my experience to help other businesses. This was the pull I needed to realise my dream of founding a creative agency that thinks.

In late 2016, I left behind over a decade of marketing from within large brands to officially incorporate CAPEX Marketing Ltd. The name encapsulates our ethos - Capital Expenditure or 'Cap-Ex' is a term used to describe a business asset that has a long term value, specifically, beyond the current financial year. As a strategy led agency, everything we do has the long game and a bigger picture in mind. We don't rely on our clients to do all the thinking, because we know they are simply too busy. Instead, we invest ourselves and their challenges become our challenges, their goals become our focus.

The team now includes designers, developers and specialist marketers, some of whom made the leap with me to leave an in-house role and take on the exciting days ahead.

My promise to you is that I and every member of the team who joins your project will take the time to get to know you and your organisation. From there we can work together to bring about your purpose and vision.

Thank you for your interest.

Joseph cox


trusted by best brends